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    New York Conference of the United Church of Christ

    PO Box 551, DeWitt, NY 13214

    A Step by Step Walk Through to Sign up for New York Conference Annual Meeting.

    Annual Meeting 2021 

    1~ Go to

    2~Fill in Registration as required…(click Next button on bottom right to advance after completed required information) 




    3~Make sure to fill in role as “Visitor”



    4~Fill out your Conference as “New York” and type in your Congregation

    (As you type the name of your church with its location, it should populate in the box)









    5~ Fill in your contact info, phone and age (age is used for demographic information)

    6~Make sure you click “New York Conference Meeting” Tab before you complete your registration

    7~ After Registration tab is complete, click the next button, and Activities will pop up.

    Many of the activities will be checked by default and are included in your visitor cost,

    other options are available for free, and some special meetings have an extra cost associated

    with them due to speaker costs or the fundraising efforts of that particular group (ie UCC related College or Coalition etc…).

    Explore all you like, but know you can go back and modify after registration is complete. 

    7~ a-you will acknowledge Policies of being a Visitor to General Synod

       b-see a summary of charges

       c- be prompted for payment for registration and then will receive confirmation

    Note- you are not confirmed nor is payment received until you see this screen 


    Please note that total cost for being a Visitor to General Synod and registering for the New York Conference annual meeting

    should be $125- if different than that, please check the role (screen 3) you highlighted and confirm you are a “Visitor”

    8~Last Step- IF YOU ARE A VOTING DELEGATE from your local church to the New York Conference Annual Meeting.

    Go to and enter your name, church and email to receive voting information.   

    If you have any questions about your delegate status, email